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All our patients receive the Futureproof Body screen free as part of our goal to be the leaders in injury prevention and optimal health promotion.

Futureproof Bodyscreen

This involves identifying those barriers to recovery or factors which may cause future injury, arthritis or sub-optimal health. We then show you the way to correct these through managed interventions or direct you to further information for you to make informed decisions about your readiness and commitment to change.

We screen through a combination of interview, questionnaire and physical assessment looking at function, posture and muscle balance.

ACC Physiotherapy and Acupuncture

ACC Thinksafe

We provide ACC physiotherapy and acupuncture, with no doctors referral required, this includes recent accidents, sporting or work injuries. For non-accident or work-related pain we can see you on a private basis. All our work is recognised by the major health insurers.

We provide one-on-one management and hands on treatment utilising massage, joint and tissue mobilisation, postural re-education, stretching, strengthening and fitness programs. We ensure that you leave our clinics with a functionally based program specific to the demands of your work, sport and lifestyle or at least are aware of how to achieve this.

Health Management

Futureproof Rehab is also proud to offer health management options. We recognise that recovery from injury and illness is compromised if the body`s ability to repair itself is decreased. Factors such as poor diet, sleep, high stress levels, low mood, faulty training programs can all influence how you get back on track. We identify these barriers to recovery and look at boosting your vitality, wellness and function.

Persistent Pain and Disability Issues.

For persistent pain problems, major surgery or trauma -arising from accidents- that requires sustained rehab, Futureproof Rehab may be able to organise your treatment and recovery program to be free. It is now understood that when you have had persistent pain (over 3 months) the nervous system can change, also your perceptions and thoughts and behaviour can change as well. Prolonged pain often causes people to decrease activity levels, view anything that causes pain as something to be avoided and can become increasingly fearful of their pain and future.

This can create a downward spiral of less activity, more weakness, more pain and increased anxiety and low mood/ depression. These psychosocial issues surrounding persistent pain need to be addressed otherwise your risk of serious incapacity including failure to return to work escalates rapidly.

ACC Activesmart

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