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Futureproof Rehab provides health and disability insurers programs for their clients to assess, rehabilitate and return them to work following injury or persistent pain following an accident. We do this by being able to offer a full array of services from physiotherapy, psychology, reactivation and conditioning programs, pain assessment and management to vocational assessment and rehabilitation.

Futureproof Rehab offer your clients the benefits of a full multidisciplinary team which is important in those most challenging claims where we motivate the individual to set goals, deal with roadblocks to success- mental and physical and lead them to self manage. Our team can offer you the current best practices in their fields to help achieve timely outcome based results.

What we can offer:

Services we can Offer

Acute Physiotherapy

Across Auckland from our 5 locations we can offer best practice accredited treatment options for your clients. We also provide screening to assess for those injuries or conditions before they develop into more complex cases using our knowledge regarding workplace assessment, skills based analysis and psychosocial questionnaires.

Pain Management Programs

Using our specialist experienced pain psychologists your client will be assessed to ascertain those factors which are obstacles to their recovery. Commonly found problems are stress, low mood, negative thinking, lacking of confidence-our psychologists challenge them to address these issues and set goals that are realistic and relevant and facilitate their self management pathway back to independence.

Program duration as recommended by the psychologist. Your clients can access this service at any time, we are happy to discuss their presentation and history with you prior to any referral being made.

Comprehensive Pain Assessment

This is a specialized 3 hour multidisciplinary assessment that we have been providing for over 5 years involving a pain medicine specialist, psychologist and physiotherapist.

Your client will be assessed by the Doctor for any serious medical condition/s (red flags) that have been missed, confirm that the appropriate medical investigations and interventions have been made and also review past and current drug treatments your client has had. He will also if necessary order further tests where relevant and change any drug treatments and set up a further appointment as needed.

The psychologist assess for those psychosocial issues that act as roadblocks to the client increasing their activity and engaging in the world around them.

The physiotherapist will assess the clients` current functional abilities, ability to work and any biomechanical factors that will make the client unable to achieve their necessary goals.

After the assessment our team meets to set up your clients` rehabilitation pathway and in liaison with you recommend a plan and course of action.

Activity Focused Programs

Your client will have a complex presentation including pain, psychosocial issues and difficulty returning to their usual activities for a greater period of time than in the above program. Their history or assessment will have identified concerns related to their rehabilitation such as high stress, depression or fear of activity which are obstacles to increasing their activity tolerance. In these cases there is a need for increased multidisciplinary approach involving more individualized support and psychological input. This program encourages daily participation in daily graded activity, education and pain management strategies, such as pacing and setting SMART goals and filling in activity log books. Program duration for 6 or 12 weeks.

Saw Programs and Return to Work Programs

Programs designed to help your client stay at or return to work. Program lengths vary depending on the nature of the injury. We work closely with client and employer to rehabilitate the client back to full function in the work place.

Workplace Safety & Management Services

Contact us for initiatives in the workplace including,
- Workplace assessments.
- Risk assessment of the workplace and systems.
- return to work programs.
For more details refer to the workplace health tab above.

Physical Capacity Evaluation

This is an extensive physical assessment taking over 3 hours looking at the ability of your client to return to a work environment and described in terms of their suitability for prescribed work roles. Predictions are made on their ability using their actual and perceived exertion levels in a wide range of lifting and repetitive tasks relevant to their identified return to work areas.

Your client will be further down the rehabilitation pathway than in the above Comprehensive Pain Assessment, be self managing themselves and with a higher level of activity.

Futureproof Rehab is always happy to discuss with you – your requirements and where appropriate we are happy to be flexible with program duration.

Physical Reactivation Programs

Typically your client will have had pain and difficulty returning to their usual activities for greater than 12 weeks. This program encourages daily participation in daily graded activity, education and pain management strategies, such as pacing and setting SMART goals. Program duration for 6 or 12 weeks.

Progressive Goal Attainment Program (PGAP)

This is a specially developed 10 week one hour per week program that assesses and then addresses those factors which are acting as obstacles to your client’s rehabilitation. This is conducted by 2 of our specially trained physiotherapists and your client will have a log book to guide them through the process, with specific topics addressed each week but with the ability to target those relevant to your client’s presentation. This program involves more self-directed reading and homework within its logbook and less specialised 1 on 1 exercising. Your client will typically have had pain for greater than 6 weeks duration.

Note: This is a program under license from ACC and we are discussing with them whether they will allow us to use these with private insurers.

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