FutureProof rehab

About FutureProof

We provide physiotherapy for all injuries

Our name derives from the realisation that treating the injury involved addressing the persons wider lifestyle issues so as to allow full recovery and at the same time prevent not only re-injury but promote optimal health and function in the years ahead. This `future-proofing` is unique in Auckland and we aim to provide an unrivalled service for injury and rehabilitation excellence


We at FutureProof Physiotherapy will Diagnose the cause of your pain if not from an obvious injury/cause. We will Treat the condition or injury. We will strengthen and Restore you to your best possible condition.

Exclusive to our clinics is the FutureProof Body Screen - free to our clients.

Will identify those musculoskeletal problems which if left/ignored can/will lead to reduced performance, injury and/or arthritis.

You will need FutureProof Rehab if you have had pain or disability of a longstanding nature. We at FutureProof Rehab provide a specialised program to get you back on the road to recovery from surgery or longstanding pain or disability. We recognise that there are many factors that can aggravate and maintain your pain and we will show you the way to restore your independence and functioning. We work with groups specialising in chronic pain and occupational medicine.

Our Goals