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What are the types of pain?

Pain is typically broken down into two main categories - acute and chronic pain. Acute pain is when you have an injury and the pain is expected to disappear with treatment and time and we return to normal function. Chronic Pain however is pain that persists beyond the normal expectation, typically 6 months. It is interesting to note that in the 1960s Pain Specialists didn't even exist, you would undergo Operations or Injections to tackle the physical source of your pain. Nowadays we know that a multitude of factors can give rise to pain continuing after the initial injury has healed. These factors include stress, anxiety, low mood & motivation, sensitization of tissues, lack of activity and fear of re-injury. These factors need to be assessed individually to gauge their influence on the person's functioning and level of pain experience.

At Futureproof we have a multi-disciplinary team who work together to assess, report and support each patient. In the acute stage we look to assess your risk of developing chronic pain and seek to prevent that happening.

When presented with Chronic Pain the journey starts by achieving a clear diagnosis of whether the injury has healed or the damage still exists. Once we are sure the injury has healed or that no further medical intervention is needed, we can start to address the reasons for your ongoing pain.

Workplace injuries

Pain Management

Futureproof offers services to the Private Sector as well as through Insurance Companies and ACC. Patients get referred through their GP, Specialist or their ACC / Insurance Case Manager. Following an assessment and in consultation with your referrer, we recommend which Pain Management plan is best for you.

I'm in pain, what can i do?

Do you recongnise any of these factors

If you do , then ask your Health Professional or Case Manager for a referral to come for an assessment with us.

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