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Injury Prevention Services

Pre-Employment Health and Functional Screening

Pre-employment health and functional screening provide an employer with objective information regarding a potential employee’s ability to fulfill the tasks required of the job they have applied for, and highlights potential health or injury risks. This service consists of a medical assessment with an Occupational Health Physician and a functional assessment with a Physiotherapist or Occupational Therapist.


The Medical Assessment

The medical assessment involves a thorough medical screen with an Occupational Physician. The screening may also involve vision and hearing testing, as well as a urine drug screen.

The Functional Assessment

The functional assessment involves testing a prospective employee’s physical ability to undertake certain aspects of their job, and is always tailored to be specific to job requirements. The assessment may include testing the client’s cardiovascular fitness, their ability to lift, carry, adopt work specific postures for extended periods, or undertake other specific physical activities. It will also screen for risks of musculoskeletal injury by assessing parameters such as range of movement, strength and balance.

Worksite Assessment

Worksite assessments are objective assessments of a work environment, work tasks and physical demands of these tasks in relation to the employee.  Ergonomic risk factors are identified, with suggested remedial actions recommended in an accompanying report. Worksite assessments can either be undertaken in relation to an individual’s role, or organisational worksites assessments can be undertaken to provide an employer with an objective risk analysis framework, and in order to house a database outlining the functional requirements of each role within the workplace. This provides a reference for future injury management decisions, mitigate the need for ongoing worksite assessment.

Manual Handling and Posture in the Workplace Workshops

Manual handling and injury prevention workshops delivered under our framework are interactive, flexible and tailored to meet the needs of your organisation. Rather than prescribing specific ways of lifting or handling loads, this programme will teach your employees basic ergonomic principles, and allow staff to experience how different postures and manual handling techniques load their body. These basic principles are then applied to different tasks specific to your workplace. Workshops can also be tailored to the sedentary work place and include education around injury management.

Wellness and Stress Management Workshops

Our wellness workshops aim to help your staff to realise the effects of poor nutrition, stress, poor sleep habits and a lack of exercise on both their health and their performance in the workplace. Attendees are taught how to self assess their current lifestyle, and given practical tips to improve both their overall health and performance at work.

Stress management education focusses on the physiological effects of stress on health and productivity, and takes attendees through a practical active relaxation exercise regime that will help to reduce stress and improve health and performance at work.

Early Intervention for Injury Management

Injury Triage Services

Following an injury, lack of information regarding the extent of the injury and an employee’s ability to function at work without aggravating the injury, may give rise to uncertainty around an employee’s ability to return to work. Injury triage services involve a physiotherapy assessment with a view of diagnosing the injury, understanding the extent of the injury and objectifying safe functional abilities in relation to the work environment. Decisions can then be made regarding the need for onward referral to appropriate medical specialists, functional ability to stay at work (or need to take time off work or undertake alternative duties), and timeframes / treatment plan for optimal recovery.

Physiotherapists providing the service will be familiar with your work environment; required work tasks and will be trained in vocational rehabilitation. This enables the assessment and resulting information to be specific to both the type of injury and the


Our physiotherapists are trained in vocational health and workplace recovery from injury. Physiotherapy services will be provided with a return to work focus in mind, providing guidelines for a progressive, safe and sustainable increase in activity following the injury. As clients recover from their injury, education and functional strengthening is incorporated into the physiotherapy program, reducing the likelihood of injury reoccurrence and increasing function.

Stay At Work Services

We are exclusive providers of the ACC funded Stay at Work (SAW) services.  The stay at work programme is an all encompassing, early intervention rehabilitation programme designed to help an injured person return to work safely, quickly and sustainably. It is aimed at reducing the financial, social and psychological costs of time off work. The Stay at Work Programme has an emphasis on engaging both the employee and their employer in a workplace recovery plan. This plan will include solutions to the barriers preventing a return to work, a graded return to work activities, and may, involve alternative or modified work duties. Depending on the complexity of a client’s injury, also involve a specific exercise rehabilitation programme with a physiotherapist, or other treatment that will help a client to recover faster and more sustainably.

Physical Reactivation Programmes

Following time off work and recreational activities following injury or illness, an injured employee will experience a level of physical deconditioning. This will result in reduced functional ability, increase levels of fatigue, reduced productivity and may increase likelihood of injury or re-injury in the workplace. Our physical reactivation programs are progressive exercise based programs aimed at restoring a client’s physical strength, endurance and overall functional ability.

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